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The Sandy Spring Plaque

The Sandy Spring Plaque

The Sandy Spring community took its name from this spring, which provides fresh water filtered through the sandy soil. In 1745, the spring was located on what was once known as "Snowden's Manor" and later known as "Harewood". In 1910, John and Rosalie Gittings and William and Mary Bosley sold this parcel of land to Herbert and Elsie Stabler. It was purchased by Samuel Childs McCeney and Katharine Marlow McCeney in 1942 and remained in their family until 2002.

This site is dedicated to the past, present, and future residents of Sandy Spring in hopes the activism that has characterized the community for centuries will continue in the future. This spring has long been a source for contemplative thought and a place to recognize that we are dependent on this land and should be watchful caretakers.

The spring and a one-acre parcel of land surrounding it were donated to the Sandy Spring Museum by the families of Kathleen Hoffman Smith and Richard McCeney Hoffman in memory of their parents, Virginia McCeney Hoffman and Leon D. Hoffman, Jr. The leadership shown by several organizations including Greater Sandy Spring Green Space, Inc., The Religious Society of Friends, The Sandy Spring Museum, The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, and Winchester Homes, Inc. resulted in the preservation of this site for the community.


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